Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summertime...Not Yet

It's only a few days before summer officially starts and something amazing has happened. I live in the south where normally this time of year temperatures are pushing 95 degrees with 80% humidity.(Talk about a steam bath) It's early afternoon and I'm outside sitting on my porch. There's a slight breeze blowing, cars whizzing up and down the road, birds chirping and taunting the cat who is just as surprised as I am that we are outside at this time of day. I just checked the thermometer and it's only 78 degrees. Are you kidding me? This feels more like a late March or early October day, not mid June. How beautiful the sky looks! I'm thankful Mother Nature has given us the opportunity to enjoy these last few day of spring before the summer sizzle sets in. Have you been outside yet? Take my advice...find a porch and go sit on it. I think I'll go make myself a lemonade!!

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