Thursday, March 11, 2010

Using Big Words

I’m sure you know one. There’s one in every crowd, at every function, standing in line for the restroom and talking wildly with their hands while others around them try to nod politely and act slightly interested. It’s the person that has a comment for everything, an answer for every question and always has to have the last word. They are the know-it-all, the so-called and self-proclaimed Einstein of the group that admittedly draws you in with an intriguing word and has your full and immediate attention. Then you begin to listen, really listen, and with a sardonic chuckle to yourself, you realize that they are actually full of crap.

Are you that person? Maybe, you’ve been a victim of that person? Recently, I was a party involved with one of these people and am still unsure about what actually transpired. My know-it-all was discussing recent celebrity events as if they were an actual participant in the happenings. This is what actually, undeniably, purportedly, seemingly and really did happen, they said. They knew exactly, the who, what, when, and the where, the whole life story and even some of the past life stories. They were large, and in charge, until Charles walked in. You see, they were talking about Charles.

Charles had somehow stumbled into the area where the know-it-all was holding court, lambasting Charles for things that were totally untrue—questioning what was the point of Charles even being in the news. Charles never told where they were from, what they did for a living, or held the hand of every person that wanted to be a celebrity too. Charles isn’t your mentor, your friend, or your wet nurse for that matter. If you had gone a little below the surface, and not just back through the last five events, all of your questions would have been answered. Instead, you chose to spew half-truths, lies and declarations using big words that have absolutely the wrong and incorrect meaning in the context for which you were trying to use them.

Get a dictionary, get a thesaurus, get a life, and get the entire Book of Knowledge, sold on Amazon for $19.99. But whatever you do, get your facts straight. If you are going to be the know-it-all, at least make sure you can back it up.


Irene said...

I personally don't meet many people like that, but I may be hanging out inthe wrong crowd. A person like that would fascinate me to no end and I would really try to analyze her and get to the bottom of what drives her. Can you send such a specimen over here?

zizzybob said...

A previous employer and a very intelligent man, used to pronounce the word superfluous as super - floor- us. It made me crazy. (Hope I spelled it right)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Well, jeez... next time you see me in line for the ladies' room, at least introduce yourself!

Nice post. Looking forward to reading more of your blog! XOXO

Ron Cooper said...

Silence is golden, especially at cocktail parties!

Marla said...

Well said



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