Monday, August 18, 2008

Boing Boing Boing...Maybe It Is Only Four Inches

Goodness! The Olympics sure have been exciting haven't they? I was watching the men's gymnastics individual finals this evening when the floor exercises were being televised. I like the high bar the best, but I like to watch the floor exercise just as much because of the short shorts. I'm not a pervert or anything; I just like to look at those great hamstring muscles.

I'm not sure why they wear long pants in some events and the short shorts in others. There is a particular move that all of the gymnasts seem to perform. It is where they have done a tumbling pass and have landed in the splits. (Ouch) The gymnast will then force his body into a slow handstand with legs spread wide. It seems that most of the times the camera will draw back or away from any close-ups during this particular move. I think I know why.

Something, I can't be sure, smiled at me. I'm not sure if I had blinked wrong or a good luck charm fell out. Maybe, something wasn't tightened properly? Or, perhaps, he had grabbed the wrong uniform? All I know, is I could hear the guys in the truck yelling, "Pull back, Pull back, and cut to Bob Costas." Chubby and the Checkers were still doing the twist after completion of that last somersault.

I don't think I was intentionally looking for something that I wasn't supposed to see, or maybe I was. Of course, no one ever admits to looking, but we all do. Has anyone ever told you that your fly was undone? How did they know if they weren't looking? What about the old toilet paper sticking out of your pants? Well, maybe not that one, that's just too dang funny to tell someone about.

So, my point is this: I believe I got flashed this evening. I can't remember which athlete it was, because I was in shock. I saw something go boing, boing, boing and I might have liked what I saw.

Hey NBC, can you show it again, this time in slow motion? I need to measure something.

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