Monday, August 25, 2008

How Fast Was I Going?

One of my friends got pulled over recently on her way to work. It was early, about 6:00 AM, and it was on the interstate that normally has 70 MPH speed limits. She got pulled over by a motorcycle cop at 6 o'clock in the morning in what amounts to a speed trap. As I mentioned the normal speed limit is 70 but she got stopped where the limit drops to 55 for about a mile. Nobody ever slows down there. It is a limited access rural highway and the only things on the road at that time are deer jumping across the highway and sleepy drivers making the 60 mile trek to Atlanta.

There should be a law against pulling people over on their way to work. The officer, of course, didn't give her a warning; you gotta pay for those fuel bills somehow. Instead, he wrote the ticket to say that she was going 66 in a 55 mph zone, when, in fact, she was going 80. Yes, she was speeding; I'd like to meet someone, anyone, who doesn't.

My point is this and I do have one. If the cop wrote the ticket for a lesser amount to give her a break, isn't that a lie? If he lied about her speed, maybe, she wasn't speeding at all and he made that up as well. It's something to think about.


Da Old Man said...

I don't speed. Yeah, I know, I'm boring. I found my gas mileage increased so much just bu driving 55 (our limit is 65 on out Parkway) that it's worth taking an extra few minutes to save 10 or 20%. How'd you make out on your lucky day? Did you hit the lottery?

Anonymous said...
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