Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Letter To Brett Favre

Dear Brett,

It's too bad I never got to see you play. You always look like you're having fun. It's also too bad that the Atlanta Falcons traded you away after one year. How dumb was that? If you had stayed in Atlanta I might have gotten a few more opportunities to see you run around the field, jumping excitedly up and down after scoring the game-winning touchdown. Or, how about throwing that snowball at your teammates last year, you made football fun to watch. You are a Green Bay Packer.

It pains me to watch ESPN right now. I know it was a hard decision to retire. You broke almost every quarterback record that has been kept. To me, you are the greatest player in football, maybe it is time to let it go and move on? I know you still have the drive, the desire, and the guts to "bring it" every day. Your desire and passion have never been questioned.

I don't think I could watch you play for anyone other than the Green Bay Packers. When MJ retired, came back and went to the Wizards, it was sad to watch. It was not the same player that I watched, the one who could actually keep me interested in a NBA game. I turned off the NBA when Michael retired.

Maybe you should call Barry Sanders? Nobody could believe it when he retired. The running back was at the top of his game. He made his decision and stuck to it. However, every year the same questions would arise, would Barry come out of retirement? It wasn't Barry who started these rumors; it was the press trying to make something out of nothing. I liked to watch Sanders, but he wasn't my favorite.

Number 4, you are my favorite! Please don't play football for anyone other than Green Bay. Go coach the high school team. Join your local softball league--it can be very competitive. And if you are still looking for someone to play catch with on Sundays, the middle-aged fat woman is always available.


Your #1 Fan

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