Friday, August 8, 2008

The Opening Ceremonies...08-08-08

It was very exciting watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics on NBC...okay, not very exciting...but kinda exciting. Each Olympic host country tries to outdo the previous host countries in making everything bigger, brighter and better in the quest to have the best Olympics of all time.

There were many musical performances, I was surprised and relieved to see that Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers weren't there performing.

I did catch one American performer, Sara Brightman. Evidently, she was the first beauty in Beauty and the Beast. I couldn't really understand what she was singing; it must have been in Chinese or something.

I do have one question though. When it was time for the Chinese National Anthem to be played, it showed the leader of China and the Chinese people all stand in unison and lift their gazes toward the flag. President Bush was in attendance with his wife Laura. Here's my question: Did the President stand while the Chinese Anthem was being played?

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