Thursday, August 7, 2008

A New Broadway Joe

I guess Green Bay didn't get my letter to Brett. They have just done what the Atlanta Falcons did almost 18 years ago: Trade probably the best player in the franchise's history. I don't know if Brett will be able to handle the circus that surrounds a New York superstar. Hey Madonna, are you going to introduce Brett to Kabbalah? Hey Eli, just when you thought you were the man, in walks a real man. He isn't following in anybody's shadow.

I don't know if Brett will like New York. I suppose if he wants to get on a tractor, to remind himself of home, he can head on over to Central Park and mow the grass. I'm not sure if Brett will be a regular on Broadway; however, he will be a lot like the original Broadway. He has the swagger, he has the looks, and most of all, he has the attention of the middle-aged fat woman. I'm off to the Sports Authority to buy my new differently colored green #4 jersey. Go Jets!! Jets! Jets! Jets!

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