Saturday, January 10, 2009


I pulled an all-nighter a few days ago. I mentioned the rain that we had been experiencing for the last few days and my schedule has gotten a bit off track. I’ve been sleeping a lot, hibernating maybe?

I was very comfortable in my recliner watching television and surfing the web. Before I knew it, it was about 2:30 AM and I knew I needed to go to bed but I was too lazy to go up stairs. I’m not one for dozing in my recliner because I like to sleep on my side and the recliner just ain’t made for side-sleeping. Plus, the cat always gets fed on the fives—5 AM and 5 PM. There ain’t no rest for anyone if he gets off schedule.

I was tired of watching commercials and especially the Sham Wow guy. He is advertising something new but I turned him off before he could begin his spiel. I settled back into my chair and began to get adjusted to my surroundings. I know it’s my house and my recliner but I don’t normally sit around in the dark. Except here’s the thing, I wasn’t in the dark. There were lights everywhere. My VCR had a green light and was 12 o’clock and blinking. My television has a red light. My DVD player has a green light. (Blinking) My ipod player has a blue light. (Blinking) My laptop has 3 green lights. My answering machine has a green and red light. My potable electric heater has an orange light. I have two power strips that have orange lights.

What in the world do I need all of these lights for? I wonder how much less my electric bill would be if those lights weren’t staring and blinking at me?

Even sitting in the dark I had twelve lights on…no wonder I was up all night.


Da Old Man said...

The Shamwow guy is my favorite. His new thing is even more old school than the Shamwow. It's a ramped up version of the Veg a matic.

Paul Eilers said...

My wife is always going around the house, turning on all the lights.

And I go right behind her and turn most of them off.

Anonymous said...

I hate the Sham Wow guy too, why is it they think English guys are better for these infomercials?

btw I have some bacon flavored shampoo..but wait there's more!

Anonymous said...

@ Da Man: Okay camera guy...are you following me here.

@ Pops: I do the same thing.

@ Mik: Mmmmmm, bacon.

Lola said...

I am constantly frustrated at how many lights are left on in my house. I seem to be the only one paying attention. Maybe because I'm the one paying the bills!

I suffer from insomnia and I am usually up until 1am, sometimes as late as 2:30am. I can't seem to get back on a decent schedule. I have to wake my kids up at 6am, sometimes I go back to bed, sometimes not. I feel like maybe if I pull all nighter (not going to bed until the following day at a reasonable hour, say 10pm) is the only way to break the cycle. But I'm not really motivated to do it.

Jen said...

I've noticed the same thing. It sucks when the power goes out and I have to reset all the digital clocks on maker, microwave, alarm clock. Thankfully my cable company sets the time on the box.

Vince rocks!



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