Monday, January 12, 2009

More Birthday Wishes

It's been a really festive time for the MAFW's family. It seems that the Holidays were just a big blur...with all the eating, complaining about how much we ate, and my niece complaining about how fat she is (She's 5'2" and weighs 90 lbs) My left leg weighs 90 lbs.

We had my sister's (Big Red as she DOESN'T like to be called) birthday and I hear it was very festive.

Now, it's time for another birthday. My big brother is celebrating his birthday today. Since we are sharing the family nicknames....drum roll please. His nickname is Boy, sometimes called Big Boy.

Boy is a fan of WW II and can give you all the information ever needed if you are building a house since he has a background in construction.

He taught me how to play football, throw a perfect strike (complete with a full wind up) and how to play chess.

He also taught me how to chew tobacco, scratch my butt, cuss a blue streak, throw cow patties, wrestle a hog and spit and catch loogies. (Most of these tricks I have since out grown) (Most) However, it is good knowledge to have.

So here's to you! Happy Birthday!

MA Fat Woman

P.S. I ate your birthday present.


Da Old Man said...

Happy birthday to brother Doode.

Gianetta said...

Boy said Thanks!



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