Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seens At The Airport

Once again I found myself on an undercover assignment at the airport. I don't travel that often but each time I go there for a job I have to go through security. So, I am beginning to learn the tricks of the trade.

At the Atlanta airport there are now different security gates for different kinds of travellers. Of course, they have a line for the business traveller--folks that are flying out weekly. These passengers don't even look up from their newspaper when they pass through security. Off with the belts, jackets and shoes. Laptops and briefcases in the gray plastic bins. Smile at the officer as you get puffed by the new screening machine and you're on your way.

Another line is one that is for those that need special assistance. Maybe, you are an elderly person or perhaps, physically challenged. You could be a mom travelling with three screaming children (I hope you're not sitting by me). Anyone basically that might need some kind of assistance.

The next lane that I noticed open was one that read novice/casual traveller. Personally, I thought that line was pretty self-explanatory. Or, so I thought.
I was walking past a couple probably in their mid 40s deep in conversation with a TA agent. It seems they were confused about which line to get into. They wanted to know if there was an "expert" line to join. It seems that they had flown to Vegas once so this wasn't their first time flying.

I laughed at that until I was blue in the face.

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